It All Begins
at Two AM

Yep, you read that right: two o'clock in the morning! That's what time we get up to make you fresh baked goods daily. A common misconception about baking is that it's all frosting and sprinkles. But that's just one small detail. There's a ton of work put into what you see in our cases each day. And we need a whole team to do it. We mix all of our doughs, cut, proof, fry and bake product and then comes the icing and sprinkles.
(Oh, and don't forget the clean up!)

a little bit sweet and A little bit salty

We strive our hardest to bring you the best baked goods made from scratch daily. Our goal is to make you happy. Don't hesitate to reach out if needed.

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Customers, family, faith, tradition, hard work, honesty, good food, good friends and the good old USA.


Mark now runs the bakery with the help of many awesome team members who each play a vital roll is delivering you sweetness. We have a team of bakers, fryers, decorators and a service crew, not to mention those behind the scenes. 

Family and tradition are important to us. That's why we've tried to keep local favorites as part of our menu through the years. We hope you enjoy our goods!

You can give a dozen bakers one recipe and come out with a dozen different products. Mark is a firm believer that the most important ingredient in any recipe is love. 

While Provo Bakery has been a Provo establishment for around for over 75 years, Mark and Stefanie Tuckett have been running it for the last twenty. Mark learned the art of baking from his father, and grew up helping run their family business in Lehi, Lehi Country Bakery. He then managed bakeries for various chain-stores along the Wasatch Front, before purchasing Provo Bakery back in 2002.

homestyle dinner rolls


orange rolls + filled croissants


honey bran


sugar cookies + raisin filled


maple bar + cake donuts


Local Favorites:

Some of Our Favorites:

A little bit of cinnamon and butter on a roll with old-fashioned icing will cheer anyone up!

happines in
one bite!

Can we get a hooray for honey bran muffins? One just isn't enough

Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned? Our Buttermilk Bar is so delicious, we know you'll want more!

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choc bar


chocolate chip


dunk in milk



maple bar




no dunking

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"Of all my favorite places for donuts,
this is up there at the top..."

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We get a lot of comments from customers who say they wish we had more of.... you name it. It's hard for us to guess which product will be the best that day, so here's a tip: Order ahead online. It's easy and you are guaranteed to get what you want.

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We are happy to help you with whatever event you are planning. We can customize some of our favorite products to fit your needs. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. Together, we can create something awesome!

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