Baked Goods:

Are your products baked fresh daily? 

Yes! We wake up early each day to bring the freshest baked goods.

Do you offer gluten-free baked goods? 

As of now, we do not offer gluten-free products.

What allergens do your baked goods contain?

All of our products contain wheat, dairy, gluten and eggs. 

Can I create a custom order?

Yes, you can. If you do not see what you are looking for on our menu, please contact us. 

MTC Delivery:

How does it work?

Select a package from our MTC Packages. Choose MTC Delivery at checkout. The MTC will only accept baked goods that don't need to be refrigerated. No cakes or pies will be delivered. 

What is the delivery fee?

We charge $5.00 per MTC delivery. 

Can I add a message for my missionary?

Yes, you may. It needs to be under 100 characters in length.

What information do I need to provide?

You will be prompted during the checkout process, but you'll need the missionary's name, mailbox # and departure date. 

What days do you deliver?

We deliver every Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.

Can I send anything from your bakery to my missionary?

Unfortunately, no. You may not send anything that needs to be refrigerated. No cakes or pies will be delivered.

Employment Opportunities:

Are you currently hiring?

At this time, we are not hiring. 

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